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The Countdown until May 2, 2016 is ON!  I’m thrilled and nervous and delighted (yes, delighted) about the release of “CEO Of My Soul”.  Do you all know that I’ve been writing (and living) this book for six years?  It truly was like my third baby, with an extremely long prenatal period. 😉

As you may know, I’m a small business owner and advocate. That means I try to help people navigate through the process of owning a business.  But I try to counsel my clients in a 360 degree fashion.  Both business and personal.  Because owing a business requires all of you. That was one of the most important lessons I learned from writing my book.

Anyway, I’m up at 4:44am putting the final touches on the new shopping cart which was so much fun! I know I sound a little cray-cray but, I love learning about every aspect of my business–and being an author is a business.  So, I wrote the book, and edited the book and formatted the book…boring? Not at all. Now, the marketing and promoting comes and I’m involved (obsessed) with that too.  I’m serious: THERE IS PURPOSE IN THE PROCESS. Right?  I don’t want to only focus on being a New York Times best-selling author, although that would be lovely.  I want to enjoy the process of learning each step along the way.  When you enjoy the process, your journey is a trip!

Here’s to the Journey,