This weekend, my producer and I were excitedly brainstorming a description for my BlogTalkRadio show that would accurately let you, our audience, know what to expect from “CEOs and Soul Talk.” Just like my book, CEO of My Soul, I want this radio show to be special. I don’t just want to talk about how to put a business plan together, or how to get financing. You can go anywhere for that information. I wanted to go deeper. When I get together with my best friends, what really connects us is how we support each other on our journey to be the best versions of ourselves. We talk about professional goals and personal struggles as well as triumphs.

I want to be able to have those kind of conversations with my “CEOs and Soul Talk” audience as well. I want a place for people who are looking for a purpose-driven life to come together and explore deeper connections. How could I say all that in a few sentences? How could I convey that message effectively? I woke up this morning to this perfect synopsis from my lovely producer, Rona:

“Welcome to “CEOs and Soul Talk with Nic Cober, Esquire!This show is an unique, spiritually-based conversation that discusses what happens after the boardroom doors close and the front door to your home opens. After you experience the tragedies, we will guide you to the triumphs. We will provide you with the tools needed to turn struggles into successes so that you can actualize your divine purpose in your personal and professional life!”

So, now that you know what the show is about, what kind of topics would you like to discuss? Contact me to let me know! You can reach out using my website contact form, or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram

And of course, join me on “CEOs and Soul Talk” every other Monday evening at 7:00 pm, starting September 19th. Click HERE to access the show, and subscribe so you’ll never miss an episode.